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What is the MENA region and why?

Middle East and North Africa

19+ Countries

MENA means Middle East North Africa, which consists of more than 19 countries. 

Buying Power

The average income is diverse within MENA. Some countries in the region are at the top of the world’s highest income list. 

+500M Population

Population of over 500 million with more than 26% of the world’s population under the age of 15. 

Effect of Saudi reforms

Saudi Arabia is the largest outdoor gear market in MENA. Double digit year over year growth in the outdoor industry is projected to increase significantly with current social and economic reforms.

14 OPEC Countries

Out of the 19 plus countries that make up MENA, 14 are OPEC countries, which means they are high income oil exporters.

Love for outdoor

Despite the number of countries that make up MENA, most share the same language and culture, including love for all things outdoors, further fueling growth of the outdoor market.

What are the obstacles for US companies?

We offer a total solution for selling to MENA

What are MENA Group’s solutions?

MENA Group offers a comprehensive distribution solution for US companies intending to sell their products into the MENA region. This is how we do it:

How we do it?
Phase 1
Prepare to sell
Phase 2
Phase 3
The Team

Abdulrahman Alnasri

Partner, MENA Group

A native Saudi Arabian who has imported and resold U.S. products into the Middle East and North Africa for fourteen years. He is co-founder of MENA Group, and he also owns a logistics company…

Gary Herbert

Partner, MENA Group

Served as the 17th Governor of Utah from 2009 to 2021. During his tenure, his focus was on economic development, education, energy, and efficiency in government. As a result, Utah is recognized…

Scott Holmes

Partner, MENA Group

Scott Holmes has over two decades of experience in global trade with a specialty in sourcing and import/export logistics. Scott owns a global import/export services and consulting company based…

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